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Empath Healing House Spray

  • $9.97


This house spray is a much needed break for the hard working empath. If you're needing a chance to regenerate your strength and bolster your spirit, this room spray will help you add those deep intentions into your life.

Our Empath Healing room spray is packed with all natural essential oils that fill the air with fragrances of healing and relaxation, and with a quick spray, you'll find time to regain your power and strength for tomorrow.

*** This listing is for one (1) 2 oz spray bottle of Empath Healing room spray ***

Here are the natural ingredients we've infused:
• Orange - Re-energizes and purifies your sapped spirit
• Tangerine - Relaxes, heals and promotes peace through lunar-centeredness
• Lavender - Encourages peace of mind and increases protection and purification
• Chamomile - Cleanses and restores essential life-force, allowing for deep rejuvenation
• Ylang Ylang - Sometimes called “Flower of Flowers”, this oil soothes connection problems and deepens bonds
• Sandalwood - Has a calming, sedative effect and aids in meditation

I personally create each bottle of room spray, imbuing my intention for your home and rituals to be calm and restorative and a place for you to find true rest in.

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• 2 oz room spray
• Blessed and cleansed before it leaves my shop
• Carefully packaged to prevent heat and shipping damage

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-Your purchase will come beautifully packaged. If you are ordering for a gift and would like each piece to be packaged separately please let me know.

-If this purchase is a gift, and you would like us to include a handwritten message, leave a note in the "notes to Rune & Relic" box at checkout.

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Empath Healing House Spray

  • $9.97